Monday, 6 August 2007


We spent a great weekend in Kent with Jody and Daniel this weekend. They were housesitting and had a car, so we caught a train down there and went for a beautiful drive around the gorgeous Kent countryside, with a long chilled-out picnic for lunch, a cream tea outside a pub, and a bbq for dinner! It was so brilliant to get out of London and see some green for a while. We had our picnic at Knole House, which had a huge deer park surrounding it, so there were deer coming up to see if we had any food for them while we were eating. They were just lying down sleeping all around us (despite all the chavs with their shirts off...).

And cream teas are so good! It's basically a devonshire tea, but I suppose since you get them all over and not just in Devon, they call them cream teas instead. And the clotted cream that comes with them is so good - so thick it's like spreading butter on your scones and jam. Like King Island cream but thicker... And yes, I do still reserve the right to bitch about the Heathrow Injection when I get home... :D

But... we didn't get any photos of the weekend at all cos the batteries in the camera died! So no pics of deer or hedgerows, but instead here's another cheezcat:

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